How to get information from your visitors by NOT asking them
How to get information from your visitors by NOT asking them

When you want to gain trust from your visitors, why do you ask them for all their personal information first?

We have all been to a website that gives you the option of a free report in exchange for your email address, you might even have one yourself.

Why then do other sites ask for names, phone numbers, physical addresses, even what you ate for breakfast? (ok – I may have made the last one up) before you’ve even clicked on the “send my my super report” link?

Well – you want to get as much information from your visitors as possible, after all they are prospects and may buy from you in the future, and you want to market really useful information to them. At the end of the day, you want to increase your profits.

The Problem

What about the turn off? the “oh I’m going to be hassled by phone calls”, ┬áthe “I’m only after a bit of information, I’m not ready to buy”.

If you have visitors that think like this then you could be losing sales before they have even started typing anything, its just too much work for them (and after all – shouldn’t your free report be doing the selling?).

Don’t believe me? then see 5 ways to improve your contact form, which clearly shows (along with other helpful tips) that the more fields a form has, the less conversions it makes

So the solution?

Remove the barriers – DO NOT ASK! (at least not yet)

Create a nice simple form, ask for their email address (and optionally their first name – we want to be personal after all) in exchange for the report (and permission to email them of course), and email them a link to the report.

BUT, but, I want the information….

Yes, but you now have an email address, you have marketing permission, and the user has filled in a form, so where did you send them after they filled it in?

Hopefully you send them to a new page with a form like this:

Here you are giving the visitor choice and a reason, you could even offer them a discount code or something else in exchange for this information. The most important part is that it is optional, and that it is after you have already got their email address.

So, if you have a large form at the moment, try and A/B split between your current form and a more basic one, and see how it affects your conversions.

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