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Flashwing was started in January of 2013 by Andy Bond. Andy has been developing software of one type or another since 1997 (Before that if you include the work he did at university). The early part of his career focused on computer installations all over the UK, hardware repairs, and technical support (programming was just a hobby after uni). However quickly he sought more complex work, writing code to manage large terminal server environments, before progressing into more distributed data systems.

After many years, his focused changed, his 3rd boy was born, who didn’t want to sleep, and he wanted a new challenge. With that he set up Flashwing, initially with a big laser cutter and creating unique invites to satisfy customer demand, his programming was again a hobby, creating personal apps for OSX and iOS. However as time went on he found people increasingly frustrated with getting the right software developer who was local (in our case to Sheffield), could visit if required, and would provide them with as much or as little support as they required for a price that they could relate to.

This journey is what has forged our focus, to give YOU what you NEED in order to make your, and your customers, lives easier. We want to make our lives easier, as then we can do exactly what we want to do and enjoy, in this case – making world class software and websites that people want to use.

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