Reviews & Consultations

The aim of our reviews is to give you a clear picture of where you are, with positive actions for going forward. We have even given “second opinions” to people who have over pushy developers.

Our review service is self-contained, we may advise on no changes, changes that we could implement, or changes that we cannot provide. There is no commitment or expectation that you would continue working with us, we just want to give you an honest detailed review that helps you engage your customers better.

Website Reviews

We can offer an in depth review of your website with the aim of ensuring you are getting the best out of your marketing to your customers.

Reviews include: usability across devices, reviewing any analytics you already may have, running additional analytics on your site, checking any SEO information, and anything else that you may require.

Code Reviews

We will happily give detailed reviews on C# and VB.Net solutions (including MSSQL), we can advise on all aspects from User Interfaces to APIs, to multi-tier applications. This service is very useful if you would like someone to sanity check work from another developer where you might not have the time or experience to do so yourself. This review would include items like: security issues, performance issues, possible bugs or challenging user interactions.